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Wood Type Wednesdays

New year, new re-occurring weekly post. Hopefully I’ll have something new to post most of the time but if not I’ll dig something out of the archives like this!

This was my first poster done with wood type back in 2003, when I was an intern at Horton Tank Graphics in Hadley, MA. 3 colors on kraft paper for the Punk Rock Flea Market at Mass Art.

Come back next week!

Studio visit!

Meighan from My Love For You stopped by the studio yesterday and has a bunch of pictures up on her blog. If you haven’t visited her site in the past it’s definitely worth checking out, one of my favorite sites for current art/design and finding out about new people doing good stuff. Hoping to work with her on some stuff in the future so stay tuned and check out all the pictures from the visit here.


2009 is about to wrap up and it’s been a hell of a year personally and professionally. Repeat Press moved into a new studio space, and in the last month allowed me to make the leap to printing full time. (Check back soon for a special “full time” project that should be done soon.)

When I moved into the new space this summer, I set aside a single piece of 20×26″ #110 cotton paper (pretty much maxing out the Vandercook sp20) to serve as an archive of everything that I printed. While I didn’t remember to pull a print on every single color of every single job, I did get a good amount of ink laid down and will be doing the same for 2010. Looking over the details in the print is a nice reminder of the new and old friends that I was able to work with over the past year. These folks are doing all kinds of interesting stuff in a wide range of fields so check them out and show them some love. Much thanks to Proletariat, Corduroy Boutique, AS220, Selectism, Highsnob, Darryl Norsen, Christians and Lions, Ho-Ag, Middlesex, and everyone else who supported Repeat Press this year. 2010 is gonna be a banger – stay tuned.

Middlesex Five Year Anniversary

It’s taken a moment to get around to posting this but last month I had the pleasure of designing and printing a suite of products for the five year party at Middlesex. I was originally approached about producing a poster, but the project grew to include a mini-poster/handbill and drink coasters.

The text on the poster was printed using vintage wood type and a custom polymer plate for the Middlesex logo, while the background image was created by printing directly from a 12″ vinyl record that was mounted on a piece of wood to type height. With some makeready finessing, the resulting print retained the grooves from the record.

Rough grain wood provided the background for the lower area of the poster.

In preparation for the mini-poster and coasters, each part of the poster was printed separately at full size in black, then scanned and reduced to create the polymer plates used in printing the smaller items. Notice the halftone pattern (small dots) in the recreation of the record image – while letterpress generally lends itself to solid lines and areas, halftone patterns can be used to provide detail not possible from vector or line art.

The coasters were cut with squared corners and bound into packs of ten with a custom paper band featuring the Middlesex logo. The packs were given out as souvenirs at the end of the night.

on display

I’m going to have a couple pieces in the POST THIS! rock poster show at Space 242 opening on December 11th. The openings are always fun (thank you Harpoon) but remember to RSVP on the website and show up early because they kick everybody out at 8PM!


“Welcome to the Human Race”, my series of wood type monoprints is currently on display at the Sherman Cafe in Union Square, Somerville. Stop by for a coffee and check out their new all-local market around the corner!

hatch show print video

Fantastic video from Hatch Show Print in Nashville, nice explanation of the letterpress process and great shots of the print shop in action.


My solo show “Just as long as you are there” at Corduory just came down but they still have a few of the exclusive SURF SKATE ART LOVE prints left in their webstore. Limited to 25 copies, grab one before they’re gone!

men in denim

I hated to be a tease with this post and not show the final product but it looks like we’re in the clear now. Selectism informed us today that Proletariat has finished things up with their new webstore and is set to launch November 1st. This poster is one of 11 exclusive items that will be featured in the initial launch and is limited to 25 copies so keep hitting that F5 button until Sunday when you can buy one. Don’t forget to check out the video that Kerry put together while you’re waiting. Word has it these will only be available for purchase through the website, but locals can still do pickup at the store after ordering.

Think Levi’s will want one for their new pop-up shop?

proletariat collab

I’ve been sitting on this for a bit but Kerry from Proletariat and I recently collaborated on a limited edition poster featuring his well known slogan, “Men in denim build this country, men in suits destroy it”.

The end result is being kept under wraps until Proletariat’s new webstore launches, but for now check out the teaser pics and video that Kerry shot during the process. The poster was printed on a Vandercook SP20 using a mix of vintage wood type and new woodcuts created specifically for the poster. Four colors were used and a blind impression with our logos was placed at the bottom. As you’ll see in the video, everything was inked by hand with a brayer rather than using the automated inking system on the press. This gives each print a unique texture as the ink was distributed slightly differently for each print. Printed on heavy chipboard in a limited edition of 25. We’re both pretty stoked with how it came out so keep checking his blog That’s The Hookup for more info as to how you can pick one up for yourself. Or better yet go visit the shop in person!

just as long as you are there

Some pictures from my recent solo show at Corduroy in Portland, Maine. More at michaeldacey.com.

“just as long as you are there” – wood and tape installation:

“welcome to the human race” – letterpress monoprint series printed with vintage wood type

SURF SKATE ART LOVE – 15×26″ letterpress poster, edition of 25. Available exclusively at Corduroy.