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Matchbook Mondays

Hotel Adams

matchbook mondays

Departing from my personal collection for a week to share a blog that I recently stumbled upon – The Matchbook Registry. Curated by Daniel Blackman, the blog features matchbooks collected by Daniel, his grandfather, and his mother.

The Matchbook Registry is a blog run by Daniel Blackman, a graphic designer in Philadelphia. The idea of the blog is to showcase matchbook design and typography. The majority of the matchbooks on the site were collected by Daniel Blackman, his grandfather and his mother.

Solid work on Daniel’s personal site as well.

Matchbook Mondays

Drake’s Gasoline – Mileage Merchants

Matchbook Mondays

Ann Arbor Bank

Matchbook Mondays

Sonoma Inn, Winnemucca Nevada

(the return of) matchbook mondays

Diamond Match Div. – San Francisco, Calif.

test patterns


Cool set of vintage test pattern images from A Time to Get.

vintage soap packaging


Booyah. Printeresting found a nice page of vintage European soap packaging.

container corporation of america


Oh WOW. Draplin comes through as usual with this ridiculous link to a trove of old Container Corporation of America ads. Plastic is for commies.


matchbook(box) mondays

Rather than posting from my personal collection as usual, we have a special matchbook monday link courtesy of Mat at EM Letterpress in New Bedford, MA. I paid a visit to his shop a few weeks back and they run a tight ship. Good people, good work.

Here’s the link he sent in, a collection of Thai matchbox covers featured on the killer blog Ephemera Assemblyman. Elephants!