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Highsnobiety/Selectism Holiday Coasters

All you fashionable males out there are probably hip to Highsnob and Selectism already, but for those yet acquainted – these two blogs in the Titel Media family are at the forefront of streetwear and men’s style reporting. As part of their holiday gift bag this year, we printed up some drink coasters with the logos of the two sites packaged in a custom band with a thank you from the editors, David and Jeff.

The front of the coaster features a large impression of the logo, with a smaller version and site name on the reverse.

Corners were rounded on the recently purchased (new old stock!) Lassco Corner Rounder at a 3/8″ radius.

The wrap was hand set in 30pt Title Gothic and 12pt Spartan Black.

Fellow Fringe Movement resident Stebs was kind enough to shoot a video of the process which can be seen below. Open it up to full screen!
(Attn OSHA/clients/mom – under normal circumstances we generally hold off on the alcohol until after the job is done!)

the organic art of letterpress

The New Yorker gets in on the letterpress party with a quick piece titled “The Organic Art of Letterpress”, and a link to this video featuring former Somerville printer John Kristensen of Firefly Press.

presswork is particularly fitted for young men who like to work with machinery

educational filmstrip on printing from 1947.

“working conditions are generally satisfactory, as to housing, hygiene, and hours.”

via CMYKern

make it count

Via Club Mumble comes word from Kirk Dianda that he’s almost ready to release MAKE IT COUNT…The Element Story. This is the first I’ve heard of the project and it looks promising – basically a biography/history of Element Skateboards since it started in 1992. Hopefully there will be a Boston screening when it comes out in August!


Video of the kluge (kloo-gee) letterpress in action. Love it. This press won’t print as large a sheet as the Vandercook SP20 in the repeat studio but is far better suited towards larger print runs and can also be outfitted for die-cutting and perforating.

Seen on FormFiftyFive via makr. Video by Northern Lights.