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Jeff Canham


Jeff Canham gets a lot of (well-deserved) love from various blogs but I was just scrolling through the posts at Design Milk and saw that they posted some of his work a few days ago. Too good not to repost.
Jeff, if you ever want to run some letterpress prints get in touch!





New Zealand based blog Preserve is dedicated to hand-painted signage that is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. They have a new set of images up today – love those huge Bodoni numbers.

hatch show print for anthropologie

The Best Part just posted a few pictures of the new Anthropologie catalog, featuring cover designs and interior type work from Nashville’s Hatch Show Print. I’ve been to the Hatch shop twice and if you’re anywhere near Nashville you should make a point to see it in person, the place is filled to the ceilings with wood type and carvings from the last hundred years.



For full scans of the catalog, Anthro has an online viewer here. Some nice looking vintage signs in the product shots too.

matchbook mondays

prelude to a wonderful evening

“The Friendly Beer for Modern People” – I don’t remember exactly when I first tried Reading Beer, but I’ve been a fan of the bottle design since I first saw it and was stoked to see that our neighborhood package store now carries it in cans. Beautiful.

matchbook mondays

Hi Speed Gas