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Editions of Ten – prints now available

So much to write about, so little time. Hope to have a full post about my trip to Maine up this week but in the meantime  you can visit Corduroy and check out the prints from their Editions of Ten show that opened on September 3rd.

My pieces for the show are wood type compositions printed on a special handmade paper… more to come on that as well.

Matchbook Mondays

Hotel Adams

just as long as you are there

Some pictures from my recent solo show at Corduroy in Portland, Maine. More at michaeldacey.com.

“just as long as you are there” – wood and tape installation:

“welcome to the human race” – letterpress monoprint series printed with vintage wood type

SURF SKATE ART LOVE – 15×26″ letterpress poster, edition of 25. Available exclusively at Corduroy.

christians and lions tour poster

Remember this post? With all the craziness during the move I forgot to post the finished product. We crammed as much wood type as we could onto this thing and then finished it off with a stencil that Ben had in his archives. Huge 19×25″ print on chipboard. Available now on in the Etsy Shop.



We better get a screening of this in Boston. Typeface is a new documentary about the wood type wonderland that is the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Founded in 1880, Hamilton was a major manufacturer of wood type and other letterpress accessories. The former factory is now a museum where guests can actually handle and print the type in their massive collection. I had an amazing couple of days spent there when I visited in 2004, and it looks like things have only been getting better with more of the archives being organized and printing workshops being offered on a regular basis.

Here’s a picture of a print I made while I was there – after some serious digging I found this 8 line font caked in about a quarter inch of dust and grime. Cleaned it off and pulled a quick two-color run. (Too quick – I set the N upside down.) I was never able to identify it but that ampersand is definitely in my top-ten list for punctuation.

Anyways, what’s it going to take to get a screening of this in Boston? Coolidge/Brattle people I’m looking at you…maybe a drive-in screening in the Fringe parking lot?

vintage soap packaging


Booyah. Printeresting found a nice page of vintage European soap packaging.

coming soon

matchbook mondays

Jeff Canham


Jeff Canham gets a lot of (well-deserved) love from various blogs but I was just scrolling through the posts at Design Milk and saw that they posted some of his work a few days ago. Too good not to repost.
Jeff, if you ever want to run some letterpress prints get in touch!





New Zealand based blog Preserve is dedicated to hand-painted signage that is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. They have a new set of images up today – love those huge Bodoni numbers.