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Just got the heads up that our talented friend Athena has just restocked her etsy store. If you’re looking for a great holiday gift, her hand-bound journals are the perfect choice. You never have to worry about getting somebody a book they already read if it doesn’t have any words in it!

For those that prefer their books to include printed content, stay on the lookout for an Applescruffs/Repeat Press collaboration in the future.


Picked up this book the other day at a used shop in Cambridge, hundreds of one and two-color logos – good stuff.

the BLDGBLOG book

First of all, what the hell is UPS doing ringing the doorbell at 9pm? Whatever. The man in brown came through bigtime when he handed me the freshly printed BLDGBLOG book that I pre-ordered back in January. Been waiting for this for months and it doesn’t look like I’ll be disappointed.

If you’ve never visited Geoff Manaugh’s amazing website, BLDGBLOG, stop reading and go there now. See you in a few days.

The book is 250 plus pages and is divided into five sections: “Architectural Conjecture, Urban Speculation”, “The Underground”, “Redesigning the Sky”, “Music Sound Noise”, and “Landscape Futures”. The design and layout are solid with lots of photos, maps, and other eye candy to supplement the writing. On flipping through I recognized pictures from some of my favorite past posts and it will be interesting to see how everything flows together in book form.

the case for working with your hands

NYT magazine had a great article this past weekend by Matthew B. Crawford titled The Case For Working With Your Hands. Crawford has a Ph.D. in political philosophy but shortly after finishing his post-doc work went into business for himself as a motorcycle mechanic. His piece discusses different styles of learning and working, and is an excerpt from his book Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work, to be released this week. Looking forward to picking up a copy.