matchbook mondays

Departing from my personal collection for a week to share a blog that I recently stumbled upon – The Matchbook Registry. Curated by Daniel Blackman, the blog features matchbooks collected by Daniel, his grandfather, and his mother.

The Matchbook Registry is a blog run by Daniel Blackman, a graphic designer in Philadelphia. The idea of the blog is to showcase matchbook design and typography. The majority of the matchbooks on the site were collected by Daniel Blackman, his grandfather and his mother.

Solid work on Daniel’s personal site as well.

wood type wednesdays

Nothing got printed here using wood type over the past week, so I’m digging in the archives for this one – pardon the quality of the iphone picture. I printed a run of these cards around the holidays a couple years ago and just found a small stash of them in a box – rubine red ink on fabriano medioevalis cards.

This does present an opportunity to say thanks to all the facebook fans, twitter followers, bloggers, rss subscribers, etc who have been nice enough to spread the word on Repeat Press over the last few months – things have been going really well in 2010 so far, hoping to keep going strong in the future!

wood type monoprints on display

I’ll be showing some pieces from my wood type monoprint series “Welcome To the Human Race” for the duration of February and March at The Blue Room, alongside work by my good friend Robert DaVies. The fine folks over at The Blue Room have been kind enough to host an opening reception tomorrow night – if you’re in the area please stop by!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 7-9pm.
1 Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

Matchbook Mondays

Drake’s Gasoline – Mileage Merchants

repeat press on facebook

I took a while yesterday to migrate the Repeat Press facebook presence from a personal account to a “page” – the personal account was getting a lot of new friends (which is always nice!) but I had to manually approve each one. The new page is more set up for a business entity and should be more user-friendly for everyone involved. So if you haven’t checked it out yet, click on over to and have a look.

wood type wednesdays

I printed this poster for the triumphant return from injury/cassette release of Boston garage-rock band Thick Shakes. As of this Saturday, the Shakes will once again be rocking out alongside Hands & Knees, Girlfriends, and Quilt.

The posters were printed on 12×18″ chipboard using a split fountain on solid lino blocks for the background, and contrasting split fountain for the text. These things are heavy with ink – I’ve been playing with rubber-based inks for custom work lately but had to go back to oil-based for these or they’d still be wet.

I’ll be at the show on the 20th with a stack of these for sale – come on down!

Matchbook Mondays

Ann Arbor Bank