wood type wednesdays

The wood type collection over here at Repeat Press HQ consists of type from a number of manufacturers. It was customary for the manufacturer to stamp the capital A with with their name. Today I thought I’d share some of the various marks and the letters that they are found on.

The Hamilton company is well represented in the collection, with their simple HAMILTON TWO RIVERS WIS.

Most of the type from Hamilton features the stamp shown above, but I did come across a larger version seen below.

By 1900, Hamilton had acquired the majority of the other wood type manufacturers in the US, meaning the type below is well over 100 years old! Although faded, the “Middletown, N.Y.” can be seen here and indicates this type came from the Morgans & Wilcox Mfg. Co.

A different stamp from Morgans & Wilcox, reading M. & W. MFG CO MIDDLETOWN, N.Y. with a star in the middle, likely from a different time period. (edit 2/4/10 – it has been pointed out by several readers that this mark appears to just be a better stamp of the one shown above. credit to David Shields and Dave Greer for their good eyes!)

Another producer of wood type was William Page, who used this stamp with the arched letters reading PAGE & CO GREENEVILLE CT from 1857-1859.

This letter features the arched page stamp along with stamping on the side of the letter that appears to read “NAME” and “LO”. Would love to hear from anyone with insight into these markings. Also note the brass piece that was nailed and flattened into the face of the letter, presumably for a repair.

Another stamp from Page, reading “Wm H PAGE GREENEVILLE CT”, which I believe was used after the examples above.

And the last example, which I cannot identify, but definitely has something there. XHTE?

If anyone has any information regarding dates, manufacturers, or anything else related to the pictures shown here please leave a comment or get in touch via email!

3 responses to “wood type wednesdays

  1. Nice photos!

    1. I think the two Morgans & Wilcox Mfg. Co stamps are the same – in the first one you can just see the angled M above the first D in Middletown.

    2. The one with Name and Lo is a mystery, although I turned the picture 180 degrees, and I can an “R” and possibly other letters as well. There was an “American Wood Type Co” at one stage.

    3. As to the very last one – too hard to see. It is encrusted with ink, so if you want to rub it gently with a cotton bud and some denatured alcohol – maybe all will be revealed!

  2. Wow. I’d love to leave a comment filled with information to help fill in the blanks, but alas, I have none.

    I would like to say that these are great images though. Your observation to the kind of detail that will be lost if we’re not careful is very welcome! Beautiful type, and lovely work!

    Please post more…

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