2009 is about to wrap up and it’s been a hell of a year personally and professionally. Repeat Press moved into a new studio space, and in the last month allowed me to make the leap to printing full time. (Check back soon for a special “full time” project that should be done soon.)

When I moved into the new space this summer, I set aside a single piece of 20×26″ #110 cotton paper (pretty much maxing out the Vandercook sp20) to serve as an archive of everything that I printed. While I didn’t remember to pull a print on every single color of every single job, I did get a good amount of ink laid down and will be doing the same for 2010. Looking over the details in the print is a nice reminder of the new and old friends that I was able to work with over the past year. These folks are doing all kinds of interesting stuff in a wide range of fields so check them out and show them some love. Much thanks to Proletariat, Corduroy Boutique, AS220, Selectism, Highsnob, Darryl Norsen, Christians and Lions, Ho-Ag, Middlesex, and everyone else who supported Repeat Press this year. 2010 is gonna be a banger – stay tuned.

3 responses to “2009

  1. i am in a similar boat- starting my own business after working for others for the past few years. it is incredibly scary and exciting at the same time. good luck!

  2. i saw the holiday coasters video and i thought it was excellent. looking forward to following your work. cheers.

  3. dace, this is NEAT!

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