Highsnobiety/Selectism Holiday Coasters

All you fashionable males out there are probably hip to Highsnob and Selectism already, but for those yet acquainted – these two blogs in the Titel Media family are at the forefront of streetwear and men’s style reporting. As part of their holiday gift bag this year, we printed up some drink coasters with the logos of the two sites packaged in a custom band with a thank you from the editors, David and Jeff.

The front of the coaster features a large impression of the logo, with a smaller version and site name on the reverse.

Corners were rounded on the recently purchased (new old stock!) Lassco Corner Rounder at a 3/8″ radius.

The wrap was hand set in 30pt Title Gothic and 12pt Spartan Black.

Fellow Fringe Movement resident Stebs was kind enough to shoot a video of the process which can be seen below. Open it up to full screen!
(Attn OSHA/clients/mom – under normal circumstances we generally hold off on the alcohol until after the job is done!)

11 responses to “Highsnobiety/Selectism Holiday Coasters

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  2. beautiful- the finer points are amazing. it’s so nice to show every little step of loving handwork that goes into such a small finished piece.

  3. I really love this video, amazing…

  4. Thank you for the video, it inspires me…
    I can’t stop watching it…
    Greetings from Barcelona, Spain.

  5. Cool video! I screen print, where can I get the thick stock for coasters?

  6. Hay can you please tell what is the name of that paper cutter and in what year it was made in. thank you.

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  8. Can’t stop watching this. Dude you should have more videos done on other projects you work on. Keep up the awesome work.

  9. LOVE this video! I am just learning the art of letterpress now, this video is so inspiring!

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