proletariat collab

I’ve been sitting on this for a bit but Kerry from Proletariat and I recently collaborated on a limited edition poster featuring his well known slogan, “Men in denim build this country, men in suits destroy it”.

The end result is being kept under wraps until Proletariat’s new webstore launches, but for now check out the teaser pics and video that Kerry shot during the process. The poster was printed on a Vandercook SP20 using a mix of vintage wood type and new woodcuts created specifically for the poster. Four colors were used and a blind impression with our logos was placed at the bottom. As you’ll see in the video, everything was inked by hand with a brayer rather than using the automated inking system on the press. This gives each print a unique texture as the ink was distributed slightly differently for each print. Printed on heavy chipboard in a limited edition of 25. We’re both pretty stoked with how it came out so keep checking his blog That’s The Hookup for more info as to how you can pick one up for yourself. Or better yet go visit the shop in person!

2 responses to “proletariat collab

  1. Nice work man. It’s like your very own music video!

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