We better get a screening of this in Boston. Typeface is a new documentary about the wood type wonderland that is the Hamilton Wood Type Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Founded in 1880, Hamilton was a major manufacturer of wood type and other letterpress accessories. The former factory is now a museum where guests can actually handle and print the type in their massive collection. I had an amazing couple of days spent there when I visited in 2004, and it looks like things have only been getting better with more of the archives being organized and printing workshops being offered on a regular basis.

Here’s a picture of a print I made while I was there – after some serious digging I found this 8 line font caked in about a quarter inch of dust and grime. Cleaned it off and pulled a quick two-color run. (Too quick – I set the N upside down.) I was never able to identify it but that ampersand is definitely in my top-ten list for punctuation.

Anyways, what’s it going to take to get a screening of this in Boston? Coolidge/Brattle people I’m looking at you…maybe a drive-in screening in the Fringe parking lot?

One response to “typeface

  1. they showed this last night at space gallery!

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