sun ra arkestra

This was the very first project printed after moving into the new space, and it was quite an honor to be able to print something for the legendary Sun Ra Arkestra, the headlining band for this year’s Foo Fest put on by Providence venue AS200. This year, a number of artists produced posters for the different bands playing the fest, but in addition to printing flat posters, we were all given a hundred pizza boxes to print our designs on. The pizza boxes were used at a local pizzeria as promotion leading up to the event.

This project was laid out using vintage wood type and printed in four colors of fluorescent inks. Scroll down for a straight on shot, taken on the lovely concrete floor of the Repeat Press studio.

2 responses to “sun ra arkestra

  1. These look really great, dace.

  2. I mean, this looks really great. It’s only one thing.

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